Oeffentlicher Anzeiger

Cycle draws attention on the history, Graphic works about Hebrews

“Aesthetically appealing at first glance, but the pieces cannot be separated from their meaning. The exhibition struck a significant chord and will therefore be extended.”

“Without accusation or reproach, René Blättermann enables a new access to Judaism”

“Blättermann choses beautiful things as motifs for his work, which are evidences of Jewish intellectual and creative work. He wants to enable the viewer to approach Jewish culture unbiasedly.”

Lübecker Nachrichten

Pictures of Convergence

Rene Blättermann ́s exhibition “Synagoga” at the Lübeck cathedral

“By the help of aesthetics, the viewer gets access to Jewish history and culture and is encouraged to engage with it beyond the immediate art experience.”


Kieler Nachrichten

Signs of a violated culture

René Blättermann – artist, cultural history expert and enlightener

"Indeed, the graphic artist breaks down barriers with the help of his art and excites curiosity for the Jewish culture by the help of fascinating aesthetics."


Kairotop by René Blättermann

"But I found true art when I visited the exhibition by René Blättermann in Lübeck. I was deeply touched by his artistic excellence, depth of meaning, complexity and ingenuity of the pieces he presensed.”

Wormser Zeitung

The distance has been overcome artistically. The exhibition “Synagoga” builds a bridge between Judaism and Christianity

"The results are creations of discovery, which seem unfamiliar at first glance, but due to their aesthetic appeal they magically catch the viewer ́s eye and give him pause for thought."

"There can ́t be a more appropriate place found for the exhibition "Synagoga" in Worms than the old Raschi synagogue in the Jewish quarter.”